June 15, 2024

How to Beat the Side Bet Blackjack 21+3

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Side Bet Blackjack 21+3

How to Beat Side Bet Blackjack 21+3 – Offline blackjack spiced up with poker games in short is side bet blackjack 21+3. Inspired by the traditional poker hand rankings, this exciting bet gives blackjack players an additional betting option that offers a fun second chance to win, even if they lose the main game. You will find this popular side bet everywhere.

What Does 21+3 Mean in Blackjack?

If you side bet 21+3 when playing blackjack, you are betting that the first two cards you are dealt will combine with the dealer’s up card to form a winning poker hand. There are several different cards you can make and each has a different payout, depending on the odds of landing it. Starting with even the most difficult combination, a flush is three cards of the same suit (say a queen, ten and nine of hearts,).

While a straight is 3 cards with sequential value, regardless of suit (say five hearts, six diamonds and 7 clubs.) Three of a kind is three cards with the same value (say seven hearts, seven spades and seven diamonds.) 3 cards with the same suit with consecutive values ​​is a straight flush. This is the strongest hand in poker (otherwise known as the nuts) but not in blackjack.

The point is three cards of a kind, in other words, three cards of the same suit and with the same face value. You will never see three of a kind at the poker table, but it is possible in blackjack as cards will be dealt from several decks, six being the standard.

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What are the ways to beat the 21+3 Blackjack Side Bet?

How to play

There is nothing complicated about this blackjack side bet. The game starts with players placing the minimum bet to play as well as any bets on the side. If the table where you are taking bets is 21+3, there will be a box for you to put your chips in (bet limits usually apply.) Play then begins with the dealer dealing two cards to each player.

Then the dealer gets 1 card face up and 1 card face down. If your card and the dealer’s up card form one of the poker hands mentioned above, you will be paid. The interesting part is that it doesn’t matter if the dealer ends up beating you or you go bust.

Can You Beat It?

So is this bet worth it? The fact is that for some players, placing a side bet is purely about adding variety to the game. Considering the probability of making a winning poker hand, you should not expect to make a profit from this bet. However, in theory, a careful player may do better for himself than the average player.

This involves calculating side bets. Blackjack players who know how to count cards should focus on flushes. That’s 3 cards of the same suit, so you’re really focusing on the 4 possible suits. Observe which one comes out the fewest in the first distribution round and count it.

Let’s say the card you chose is a spade. Every time a spade is dealt, subtract one from your count. For every four cards drawn, add one. Finally, divide your total by the number of undealt decks. If your count reaches plus four or minus five.

Then the odds of making a flush are good enough to give you a statistical advantage. Of course, it’s not a guarantee that your bet will go through, so don’t count on it! In gambling at offline casinos, the focus should always be on fun, not on the hope of making money.

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